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"Put down your weapons/ Pick up your tools"

MG Salazar is a published poet, writer, performer, owner of the online vintage shop "The Skullery Maid". They have written regularly for KCUR 89.3, Kansas City's flagship NPR station. Salazar currently appears as a subject in the HBO documentary Abortion: Stories Women Tell. She is a lifelong activist for equality and justice, Salazar twice traveled to Standing Rock during the winter of 2016-2017 to stand as a water protector at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. Striking the Black Snake: Poems from Standing Rock 39 West Press (April 25, 2017) follows their debut book, If You See My Ghosts Like I Do (Spartan Press 2016).

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"It could have been me. It could have been you. It could BE me. It could BE you. I'm sounding the call for everyone. In the wake of senseless tragedy, I urge you to not be afraid. I encourage you, every one of you to get LOUDER. My people it is time to be proud of who you are. It is time to take eccentricities and let them shine. Are you a cisgender male who wants to wear a dress? Do it. You want to wear drag makeup in public? Do it. You want to eat bagels in a dinosaur costume? Do it. Do you want to go to a burlesque show? Do it. Have you been wanting to present differently than you are now? Do it. Have you ever wondered what you'd look like with a beard? Do it. Have you ever wanted to find out what it means to be an ally? Do it. Do it, then share it with us, your family. We must all choose to uplift and support each other throughout our journeys. Be proud of who you are. We are here and unafraid. Show your support. We are all weirdos, freaks, and misfits trying to make our way in this crazy world. See someone being homophobic, racist, sexist, aggressive, threatening, murderous? Speak the FUCK up. Wear your warpaint proudly, my warriors. We are in a fight for our lives. Let's carry our freak flags into battle." M.G. Salazar - June 12, 2016